privacy policy

We are serious about your privacy policy

This particular page mentions the privacy policy and the terms and conditions that prescribe for the services. We are a registered site and when you want to access our site you have to make sure that you are following all the prescribed terms and conditions. Depending on whether you are registered or a guest user, you have to abide by the regulations of

Before you start with the services, it is recommended to read all the terms and conditions and only then accept anything. When you begin with our services it indicates that you have accepted all the conditions and you actually agree to abide by them. In case you don’t agree with the norms set by us it is better to refrain from it and not use it.

Personal information is not leaked out

If you are worried about the safety and protection of your private information and data like phone number, postal address and bank account numbers, you don’t have to worry and be concerned at all. All your private information is well taken care of and in no way is leaked out to unauthorized individuals by You can remain calm and have a peace of mind regarding this.

We take privacy policy seriously

Based on the Data Protection Act (1998) and the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations (2003) there is the guarantee and the assurance of the safety and the protection of the information you have provided and is used only for the purposes as stated in the statements. This is the Private policy and this is taken very seriously by us.

We don’t mishandle your shared personal details

The personal data that we collect from you or that you provide us are absolutely processed by our team of members. Before you get confused and confront any issues, it is better if you kindly go through the views and practices that we will follow with your given personal information and accordingly treat them.

You can be assured of the fact that the staff members of won’t mishandle it and pass on to any unauthorized person. But you have to be very clear that some part will be definitely shared and communicated for fulfilling the target offers. It is suggested that if you don’t have any problems with this, you can definitely fill up the form with all your details.

We use your personal data for analytical purpose

Do you know the data that you provide us are used for analytical purposes? In order to enhance or improve the targeted or personalized communication we might also share it with other companies. This helps us to serve you better and also build a strong, long lasting equation with you. This basically enables us to understand and know about your interests and preferences.

Our staff takes care of the security of the personal details

At regular intervals we make sure that your personal information and data is stored in secured servers and necessary steps and methods are employed to ensure that they are treated in accordance to the privacy policy statements. Our staffs at work day and night to ensure the security and protection.

It is true that transmission of information through the internet is not absolutely free, but we try our best to provide the optimal services. Don’t worry about the payment transaction as they are executed through secure pages in encrypted forms and we hire special professionals to make sure that everything runs smoothly and seamlessly.